Why scarves?

We thought you might be wondering why a leather bag company would make scarves, so Narisa and I want to share our story of how we got here.

We started Mo. for people like you — thoughtful individuals who curate their lives and what they own, who care about quality, who care about their lifestyle and really enjoy exploring the world.  We strive to create high-quality products using the finest natural materials.

The scarves in the market were either not of good quality meaning they’re not warm enough, not aesthetically pleasing (in my opinion) or not versatile for a big gap of temperature change, yet they are way overpriced.

We love travelling, and along our journey we have learned and come across suppliers of the best local materials to make bags and accessories. We recently stumbled upon an excellent Kashmir knitwear factory in Inner Mongolia. They produce for European luxury labels, and we were very impressed with their products.We love high-quality Kashmir (who doesn’t?),  we are lucky they agreed to produce a very small run of scarves for our customers this winter!

Why Kashmir?

The best insulators are natural materials such Kashmir. We are proud to use super soft Kashmir in Mo.17 scarves, as it is a superior fabric.  Our supplier is from Inner Mongolia, the source of the finest Kashmir. Kashmir is a fiber obtained from Kashmir goats and it is light weight yet very warm. It is extremely versatile and can be used in different ranges of temperature – suitable for both cool breeze in a warmer country, or a snowy winter climate.


We’re making a small batch of luxurious pure Kashmir scarves. Mo.17 is weaved with very fine yarn: yarn count 200s/2 that is beautifully fine and soft to the touch, and is lightweight yet very warm (magic of quality Kashmir).  Needless to say, we’re selling the scarves for a super duper special deal for what they are.